Justice is not an outcome, it is a state of mind.

When I started my practice it was not clear exactly what type of law path my career would follow. What I did know was that I wanted to help people. My very first client was a criminal defendant with far more experience in the court system than I had, and he taught me an important lesson: the right outcome for a case or client may not be perfect, but it can often be the best one under the circumstances.

Since those early days I have developed many skills as a lawyer, though none more important than the ability to listen. Listen to clients’ life stories and version of events; listen to jurors experiences to tease out bias (good and bad); listen to opposing counsel to understand their client’s position; listen to friends and mentors when you miss the forest for the trees (it happens to the best of us). The law is meant to serve people, and only by listening can we understand how to best help the people we are helping to navigate the complex legal arenas.

It is my hope that though the occasional writings I can provide insight into developments in the law, observations on the legal world, and other perspectives that help all of us consider what is right and just.

Rightness does not require wrongness, and justice does not always pair with injustice. Instead, my office works to develop a strategy that moves towards the best possible outcome.

The best is not always perfect, but it can be achieved. We can hold ourselves to the standard of doing the right thing in all our dealings with others.

That is The Brand of Justice.